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Window Town was founded when four friends who were home improvement industry veterans met up at a pizzeria. They were frustrated with the home improvement industry, which had lost its customer focus. They wanted to bring the customer back on the front of everything they do.

With their combined 60 plus years of window replacement Boston MA and home improvement experience, they decided to bring customer back to the center and created the The Window Town Difference®!

1) First, they worked on the price of the window and how we treat the customer. The standard practice in the industry is to start out at $1,000 or even $1,200 per window, create bogus discounts and lower prices till you were pressured into buying their windows. The sales person will only come out for an evening appointment with both spouses present to try to wow you with a smoke and mirrors demonstration highlighting features that are usually no different than those offered by every other window company and then they will not leave your house until you sign. They will continue the charade by offering you financing and only telling you what your monthly payments would be rather than what your total cost would be and then they will offer up some compliments to you and act like they are going to bat for you by calling their boss to get you a "special discount" but only if you act today! These discounts are completely bogus.

The Window Town Difference® – We work on value to our customer with no high pressure sales. We offer you the unique experience of being able to build your own window. We don't force options on you, we custom build every window to suit your needs and you only pay for the window features and installation options that you want, not what some sales person tells you that you need. We negotiated the best prices for our window from our manufacturing partner, we added our overhead costs, marketing and a small profit (We have to make money) and priced our products very fair. For all other services we standardized our contracts and all prices are printed on our Build Your Own Window document so that you are aware of the price up front and make an informed decision while building your own windows.

We guarantee the lowest prices for the quality of product we provide. Compare us and then make your own decision. Don’t let an aggressive, high pressure salesman push you into signing any contracts before you meet with our estimators.

2) Second, we treat you with respect. The standard industry practice, high pressure you and wow you with dramatic demos like - standing on windows, burning the glass and then freezing it. Then they will not leave your house until you actually have to throw them out of the house.

The Window Town Difference® – These dramatic demo’s do not tell you how well your windows will perform. The energy ratings that the independent test labs (AAMA & NFRC) provide are the best indication of the performance of the window. We will provide you with all the information about the rating for our windows so you can make a informed decision. We will provide you with a quote based on your choices and you can take your time to decide when it is right for you to buy and install your windows. And we would be happy to show you that our windows can match the features of any of the demos you may have seen with the competitors.

We appreciate and thank you for inviting us to your home. We respect your decision and your family time and will leave at anytime you feel we are done. No requirements to sign the contract that day.

3) Third, we carry only the best products in the industry. The industry practice is to take low quality, high volume, nationally manufactured products and sell it for as high a price as possible.

The Window Town Difference® – Our window supplier, is a regional supplier that understand that weather requirements of the northeast. We have worked hard with them to get the right set of styles, performance and security features in the window to give the best to our customers who are able to truly build their own window to their own unique set of requirements.

4) Finally, we provide you with one of the strongest warranty’s in the industry. We stand behind our product and our installation. We will make sure from start to finish we will provide with the best product and service.

We hope you will enjoy and appreciate The Window Town Difference®! We look forward to serving your windows needs.

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